OORT Foundation

The OORT Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the development of next-generation infrastructure for the decentralized Web.

Our Mission

The team behind the OORT Foundation is executing on a vision to facilitate massive user adoption of decentralized technologies, providing a framework for developers to access previously impossible tools to build a robust decentralized infrastructure.
The OORT foundation is dedicated to supporting OORT’s community, ambassador program, and social channels, and most importantly, oversees OORT’s tokenomics for a better and better our ecosystem.

OORT Foundation & OORT: A Symbiosis

The OORT Foundation and OORT will build not only a better OORT ecosystem, but also a better Web3 environment, for developers, miners, businesses, and end-users.

The OORT Foundation oversees the technology and ecosystem development
Provides the incentive to OORT developers and ambassadors
Flourishes ecosystem and community
OORT is the main technology contributor to the OORT ecosystem
Responsible for product technology
Responsible for research development

Supporting Developers

The OORT Foundation supports developers to build dApps that are scaleable, run smart contracts at web speed, and serve user experiences directly on chain.

We’re committed to connecting those who believe the same through our events, tools, and discussions.


We are consistently looking for those passionate about distributed technologies and Web3. We just concluded our first hackathon, Web3 Stack Hack, with Storj. More hackathons are coming your way. Stay tuned!

Bounty Program

OORT welcomes developers of different backgrounds to detect and resolve our technical issues. Please check out our Gitcoin page for the latest bounty.

Olympus Protocol Explorer

Check out our Olympus blockchain explorer to get real-time insights on current transactions and circulating supply.

Dev Tool

Aside from Ale Wallet API, smart-contract development tools (e.g. Truffle, Hardhat) on Ethereum are available for OORT developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can holders convert CCNA tokens to OORT mainnet tokens?
How does the Early Bird Program's price protection mechanism benefit Dome-A miners who received CCN as returned collateral?

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