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June 12, 2024

Hey OORT community!  Our June Town Hall was packed with the latest updates from our awesome team: OORT Foundation chairman Mike Robinson, CTO Sean Yang, product lead Alex, and our new DevRel Jimmy. If you missed it, no worries! You can catch the full recordings here or read on for a quick recap.

BNB Greenfield Update

We extend a BIG thank you to all community members who participated in the BNB Greenfield voting. All 500 BNB have been refunded to their respective wallets. You can view the transaction here.

Additionally, the OORT Foundation will stake 500 BNB, and OORT will continue as a service provider for BNB Greenfield.

OORT DataHub

Since its launch just over a month ago, OORT DataHub has amassed 7K users, and over 2.5 million $OORT are staked on the platform.

Upcoming Features

Addressing Community FAQs

Duplicate Accounts

We are banning duplicate accounts because we are still in the testing phase and have a limited user cap of 10K. This ensures more people can join. Currently, tasks are very simple, and we introduce only one new task per day for all users. As we add more complex and varied tasks, we will introduce a system allowing certain trusted users to perform more tasks and earn more rewards.

Why are DataHub rewards more profitable than Miners who own OORT edge device - Deimos?

This is only a temporary situation. These two types of community engagement and rewards are not comparable for several reasons:

  1. DataHub is in the testing phase, offering higher rewards to attract more users.
  2. DataHub rewards are gradually decreasing. A temporary rewards boost has ended, and rewards are now tapering.
  3. Future DataHub tasks will be more complex and require more user effort.
  4. Deimos miners will earn passive income with minimal maintenance once their devices are set up.
  5. The reward structure for DataHub tasks will depend on task complexity, offering dynamic and subscription-based opportunities.

How will DataHub generate revenue for OORT?

Other Q&A from the Community

Deimos Licensing Fee Update

In response to community requests for greater transparency, the licensing fee for Deimos, initially set at $60 per annual renewal, will later be payable using $OORT tokens once they are listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX). The tokens will be sent to a burner address, ensuring transparency as $OORT tokens are removed from circulation. This process is solely for the renewal licensing fee for Deimos.

OORT's Short-term and Long-term Vision

We look forward to your continued support and participation as we build a decentralized, transparent, and innovative future together.

✅ Official Links

Please follow ONLY our official accounts and double-check URLs before engaging

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