We empower projects and fortify a decentralized AI ecosystem by providing support across infrastructure, tooling, liquidity, and more, through funding, advocacy, research, and collaborations.
OORT is a cloud for decentralized AI. By utilizing global resources from data centers to smartphones, OORT aims to enable trustworthy AI applications for humanity.
OORT Earn transforms $OORT tokens into earning potential. Stake your assets for up to 20% APY, benefit from daily earnings on transfers, and snag exclusive airdrops. It's simple, rewarding, and designed to maximize your returns with ease.
Olympus Protocol
Olympus Protocol, a layer-1, DAG-based blockchain, verifies OORT's decentralized infrastructure nodes and acts as OORT’s mainnet. It offers high throughput and employs a patented "Proof of Honesty" consensus mechanism, ensuring reliable and integrity-focused operation in a trustless computing environment.
Olympus Explorer
The Olympus Explorer provides direct access to transaction details, block data, and network activity on the OORT mainnet, offering a transparent view into the blockchain's secure and efficient operations.
Ale Wallet
Ale Wallet is the go-to wallet for the OORT Ecosystem, designed for seamless access to, storage, and trading of $OORT tokens, along with easy access to OORT ecosystem dApps.