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October 26, 2023

Disclaimer: This article may contain some outdated information.

Note: CCN is the testnet token of OORT's first (Dome-A) and second (Huygens) testnets.

What is Ale Wallet?

Send and receive CCN tokens, check your CCN balance and discover new blockchain apps.

Download now:

Put simply, Ale Wallet is a browser extension that gives you one-tap access to your CCN tokens and puts a range of Dapps at your fingertips in a decentralized, secure manner.

Today, you can use Ale Wallet to send and receive CCN tokens, check your CCN balance, and explore other applications. We’re also building new features that will make crypto transactions even more convenient and secure for users.

What does “Ale” mean, anyway?

Ale Wallet gets its name from “Adam’s Ale,” a way of referring to water that became popular during the temperance movement in the nineteenth century. In the Bible, Adam had to rely on water alone to quench his thirst. We chose the name “Ale” for our crypto wallet to evoke the liquidity that lends the CCN ecosystem its vitality.

What else is in the works for Ale Wallet?

Soon, Ale Wallet will support multi-chain integration, which will allow users to send and receive a range of cryptocurrencies, not just CCN.

Ale Wallet is also developing several security features, including the ability to recall funds you’ve sent to a recipient until the recipient unlocks the funds using a unique key generated by you, the sender. Ale Wallet users will also be able to execute token swaps directly without going through an intermediary. We’re building these features to make Ale Wallet as secure, decentralized and user-oriented as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates and news from Ale Wallet, including information about upcoming features!

Get the Ale Wallet

The Ale Wallet is launching at 10 PM ET on October 29th. Link to be updated. The testnet airdrop will start at the same time!

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