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March 9, 2021

Disclaimer: This article may contain some outdated information.

Note: CCN is the testnet token of OORT's first (Dome-A) and second (Huygens) testnets.

Don’t panic when you wake up and find your tokens have gone and your account invalid. This is because you need an update! Not to worry: your tokens are still yours.

We are pleased to report OORT (previously Computecoin) has released an updated version of Ale Wallet in Chrome Extension. In order to continue using your Ale Wallet as a Chrome Extension, we ask that you remove and reinstall Ale Wallet. This version of Ale Wallet is built entirely on testnet II, Huygens, which is a major leap forward from Dome-A, testnet I. We apologize for the inconvenience of removing and reinstalling.

Step 1: Export Your Private Key

You should have your Secret Recovery Phrase stored in a safe place by now. Export your private key before you remove Ale from your Chrome Web Browser.

1> Click on the three dots circled in red to begin.

Click on the three dots circled in red

2> Click the button “Export Private Key” to proceed.

Click the button “Export Private Key”

3> Type your Ale password to access your private key.

Type your Ale password

Store your private key somewhere safe and never disclose this key. Anyone with your private keys can steal any assets held in your account

Step 2: Remove Ale from Chrome Extensions

Remove Ale Wallet as a Chrome Extension.

Click on the puzzle icon -> three dots -> “Remove from Chrome”

Step 3: Add Ale to Chrome

Add Ale to Chrome from Chrome Web Store

Click “Add to Chrome” -> “Add extension”

Step 4: Import Your Wallet

Import your existing wallet using a Secret Recovery Phrase.

Click “Import Wallet”

1> Click “Import Wallet”.

2> Enter your secret recovery phrase in the right order.

3> Create a password to access your Ale wallet.

Enter your secret recovery phrase and your password

4> Click the “Import” button.

You’re in!

Step 5: Explore the Updated Ale Wallet

With this update, we are proud to present two new features: the first one being the switch between different networks: Dome-A and Huygens. The second one is for you to play around with tokens: those already in the CCN ecosystem and your custom ones!

Switch back to Dome-A to access your assets.

Ale in Huygens

Click “Add tokens” to explore the tokens feature.

Click “Add tokens”

You can search for different tokens in the CCN ecosystem or create a custom one!

Manage Tokens

You’re all set! Thank you for bearing with us.

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