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January 19, 2024

Originally Published on Cointelegraph

[New York, Jan 19], 2024 -- Dell Technologies has announced the expansion of its latest global loyalty program to Japan on Jan 18, 2024, following successful launches in Canada and the United States in 2023. In a significant move for the Web3 space, OORT, a burgeoning force in AI-focused decentralized cloud services, has joined this program, offering its OORT Storage (formerly OORT DSS) to Dell's customers.

OORT: Aligning with Mass Adoption Goals for Decentralized Solutions

The inclusion of OORT in Dell's loyalty program is a strategic step that resonates deeply with OORT's mission of driving the mass adoption of decentralized cloud solutions. As the program expands globally, OORT is continuously refining its offerings, making them increasingly suitable for complex and demanding applications, such as those in the field of artificial intelligence.

OORT's commitment to providing enterprise-grade decentralized cloud solutions is evident in its approach to developing technology tailored for AI applications. This initiative demonstrates OORT's dedication to innovation and its role in advancing the integration of decentralized technology in mainstream business solutions.

About OORT’s Technology for AI Applications

OORT has been diligently working on enhancing its decentralized storage services and preparing for the upcoming compute services, ensuring that they cater effectively to the burgeoning demands of AI applications. This focus is evident in their latest service updates, which have been designed to offer increased efficiency, security, and scalability – essential features for AI-driven tasks.

Dell Rewards: Embracing the Future with OORT

The extension of Dell Rewards to Japan marks a crucial step in Dell's journey towards integrating cutting-edge technology with customer-focused services. OORT's participation as the sole Web3 project in this program signifies a mutual commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Dell Rewards continues to offer an array of exclusive benefits, now enriched with OORT's decentralized storage solutions, reflecting Dell’s foresight in embracing emerging technologies to benefit its vast customer base.

Future Prospects

As Dell Rewards forges ahead, incorporating OORT's advanced solutions in Japan and beyond, both companies are set to redefine the standards of customer engagement and technological excellence in the digital age. This partnership not only enhances the loyalty program's forward-thinking vision but also positions OORT as a trust-worthy provider of decentralized solutions, poised to impact cloud service for AI applications significantly.

For more information about the Dell Rewards loyalty program and OORT’s involvement, please visit

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