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January 25, 2024

We at OORT are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Sugar Kingdom, a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming arena. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards promoting decentralized applications and technologies.

OORT: Advancing in Decentralized Cloud Services

At OORT, our efforts are concentrated in the realm of decentralized cloud services, where we prioritize affordability, accuracy, and data privacy. Our services offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional cloud providers, a feature that has gained recognition within the tech community. This unique approach has been highlighted by our recent inclusion on cryptocurrency exchanges like and Bitget, indicating our growing presence in the decentralized technology sector.

Our partnership with Lenovo Image’s Customer Service, which achieved a 90% accuracy rate in assisting thousands of users, underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, AI-powered solutions. At OORT, our core belief is in giving users complete control over their data, ensuring both security and privacy.

Embracing a Shared Vision with Sugar Kingdom

The partnership with Sugar Kingdom is a natural fit for OORT. Our shared vision focuses on supporting decentralized applications and pushing for mass adoption of decentralized technologies. Sugar Kingdom’s innovative approach in blockchain gaming is an ideal match for our goals. Their platform not only entertains but also educates and engages users in the blockchain space, making it an exciting and meaningful venture for us.

The Synergy of Two Innovators

Our partnership with Sugar Kingdom will initially focus on integrating OORT Storage services into their gaming platform, enhancing both performance and user experience. As the partnership progresses, we plan to expand the use of our other cloud services within their ecosystem.

Additionally, $OORT will be introduced as a payment method on the Sugar Kingdom platform, providing users with more transaction options and enhancing the utility of $OORT in the blockchain gaming sector.

This collaboration is a strategic move towards seamlessly blending OORT’s decentralized cloud technology with the dynamic world of Sugar Kingdom, aiming to enrich the user experience in blockchain gaming.

Looking Ahead

Together, OORT and Sugar Kingdom are not just innovating; we’re shaping the future of blockchain gaming and decentralized technology. We invite our community to join us on this exciting journey, where innovation meets fun, all powered by the robust technology of OORT and the creative gaming landscape of Sugar Kingdom.

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