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November 27, 2023

Originally published on Cointelegraph

Oort is redefining the blockchain space with its AI-integrated, privacy-centric cloud services. In Celebration of the Olympus Protocol mainnet launch on November 27th, 2023, we invite the first 1,000 Ale wallets that register to receive 150 Oort Tokens, redeemable upon their CEX listing in early Q1 2024.

Oort's Layer 1 blockchain is the backbone of its decentralized cloud services, offering a promise of absolute data privacy and cost savings of up to 80% compared to traditional cloud service providers. This shift is vital for powering various AI services, emphasizing user data privacy and efficiency. Far from being merely conceptual, Oort's approach combines practical solutions with robust technology and a team of experts, dedicated to transforming how cloud services are delivered and utilized.

What is the Olympus Protocol?

The Olympus Protocol, Oort's DAG-based network, masterfully balances decentralization, scalability, and security. With over 28,000 nodes, rapid 2-second per block, competitive fees, and a scalable architecture, it's anchored by their patented Proof of Honesty algorithm, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy platform.

Dr. Max Li, Founder of Oort:

“Our patented consensus mechanism is key to ensuring the integrity and reliability of our platform, making it suitable for everyday use by businesses and individuals, regardless of their blockchain expertise.”

Proof Of Honesty

At the heart of Oort's Olympus Protocol mainnet is the patented Proof Of Honesty mechanism. It not only verifies node integrity and data accuracy but also ensures fair resource distribution, keeping the ecosystem free from bad actors. Proof Of Honesty verifies the legitimacy of nodes as well as the data they are processing. In doing so, POH ensures that the Olympus Protocol incentive layer is distributing resources fairly.

Pioneering the global standard in decentralized AI cloud services

Oort's innovative product suite, including DSS, TDS, and the upcoming DCS, is revolutionizing AI and decentralized services, offering enhanced security, affordability, and efficiency. These solutions form an integrated ecosystem, elevating AI and decentralized applications.

Vision in action: Oort's practical decentralization

Oort's commitment to practical decentralization shines with over 3000 active users. Our collaboration with Dell Technologies in North America, integrating Oort DSS into their loyalty program, marks a milestone in Web3 product adoption, further bolstered by partnerships like Tencent Cloud.

Unprecedented partnerships and support

Oort's growth is fueled by backing from Ivy League faculties, renowned crypto VCs including Emurgo Ventures (Cardano Foundation), and significant startup grants from Microsoft & Google, highlighting industry confidence in our vision.

A team of visionaries

The core team at Oort is a blend of talent from world-renowned organizations, including Columbia University, Qualcomm, AT&T, and JP Morgan. This diverse expertise converges to create a platform where user privacy is a priority, and efficiency is unparalleled.

A special opportunity for early adopters

To commemorate our mainnet launch for Olympus, Oort announces an exclusive airdrop for new Ale Wallet users that register for this event. Join us and receive 150 Oort tokens, with listings planned for Q1 2024. This offer is more than a token gesture; it's an invitation to join a community dedicated to privacy, efficiency, and groundbreaking innovation.

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