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March 12, 2024

Hey there! We’ve just rolled out some updates on the OORT Earn platform, focusing on enhancing your experience with cool new features. If you’re new around here, a quick heads-up: OORT Earn is where you can stake $OORT to earn up to a 20% APY. Here’s what’s new:

Introducing Ecosystem Airdrops

Mark your calendars! Our first ecosystem airdrop goes live next week. Here’s the scoop:

Want in? Just hit ‘Subscribe’, and you’re all set. Sharing is caring — spread the word via a handy pop-up link to friends and family, or directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. Newcomers can easily join by connecting their wallets through a UTM link, making the whole process a breeze.

New User Guide

We’re all about making life easier for our newcomers. Upon your first login, our guided tour will walk you through depositing and staking steps, boosting those conversion rates. Here’s a quick rundown:

UX Updates for an Even Smoother Experience

We hope these updates enhance your OORT Earn journey, making it even more rewarding and seamless. Keen to earn up to 25% APY with $OORT? Now’s the perfect time to dive in. Check out the new features, get staking, and share your thoughts with us. Visit OORT Earn today and join the adventure.

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