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OORT joins forces with BNB Greenfield to enhance the BNB Chain ecosystem
March 20, 2024

The article is originally published on Cointelegraph

March 20, 2024, New York, NY, US
– OORT, a pioneer in decentralized AI cloud technology, announces it has joined BNB Greenfield as a Storage Provider, marking a significant step forward in fostering a trustworthy, decentralized digital ecosystem.

BNB Greenfield, a key player within the BNB Chain ecosystem, is reshaping the landscape of data ownership and management through its innovative decentralized storage platform. This collaboration with OORT underscores a mutual commitment to enhancing Web3 development and facilitating a more interconnected and transparent digital economy.

OORT leverages an expansive infrastructure of over 30,000 nodes worldwide to support BNB Greenfield, reinforcing the BNB Chain with superior storage capabilities and ensuring privacy and cost efficiency. This collaboration between OORT and BNB Greenfield significantly enhances the BNB Chain's infrastructure, providing secure and scalable storage solutions that are essential for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to, decentralized apps and Web3 technologies.

Dr. Max Li, Founder and CEO of OORT, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration:

"Joining BNB Greenfield as a Storage Provider allows us to further our vision of a decentralized world where technology serves everyone equally, enhancing trust and mutual benefit across the BNB Chain ecosystem."

This strategic alignment not only enhances the BNB Chain's storage capabilities but also supports OORT's vision of integrating transparent and participatory technology development. It provides the infrastructure necessary for data-heavy innovations, including AI, ensuring technology remains accessible and benefits all.

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