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Explore insights from OORT advisor Kevin Henshaw on Web3, community models, and tech in OORT's latest Twitter Space recap.
April 19, 2024

In a recent X Space hosted by OORT Foundation’s Chairman Michael Robinson, we had the pleasure of diving into a candid discussion with Kevin Henshaw, one of our key advisors. This session is part of our ongoing series designed to introduce our advisors to the community, sharing their industry insights and perspectives on OORT’s impact and future.

Background of Kevin Henshaw

Kevin’s career has spanned multiple continents and significant companies, including a notable decade at Adobe and leadership roles at Together Labs, known for the social gaming platform IMVU. His extensive experience across global tech markets brings invaluable insights into our discussions.

Discussion Highlights

Replay the Space:
(💡 The conversation starts from 00:04:20😉)

Tech Evolution Reflections: Kevin discussed the cyclical nature of technology adoption, comparing the initial skepticism around the early internet to today’s reactions towards blockchain and Web3 innovations.

Importance of Community: He emphasized the success of community-driven models in technology, drawing on his experiences at IMVU where user-generated content significantly drove revenue.

Web3 Infrastructure and Challenges: Kevin emphasized the need for strong infrastructure to support the growing world of Web3 and the metaverse. He suggested that decentralized computing could make these technologies easier to access and less expensive to use, helping them grow and become more widespread.

The Role of Decentralized Clouds: Kevin compared decentralized cloud technology to Airbnb’s business model, which changed the hotel industry by making it easy for homeowners to rent out their unused rooms. In a similar way, decentralized clouds could allow people and businesses to share their unused computing power. This could break the hold that big cloud providers have on the market and make tech innovation more accessible to everyone.

Decentralized AI and Future Technologies: Kevin is positive about the impact of decentralized AI on society, particularly in how it could change the way we govern and launch new tech businesses. This kind of AI could help use resources more efficiently and fairly, making sure that the benefits of new technologies are shared by many rather than a few.


This fireside chat was an engaging opportunity to glean insights from Kevin Henshaw’s rich tech background and understand the strategic directions influencing OORT. His thoughts on leveraging community for technological advancement and the transformative potential of decentralized technologies are particularly important as we navigate the evolving landscape of Web3.

Stay tuned for more from this series as we continue to bring our advisors into the spotlight, offering a platform for them to share their wisdom and experiences with our community.

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