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Update on the OORT Airdrop
January 15, 2024

Update on the $OORT Airdrop

Action required for OORT mainnet airdrop participants!

As a follow-up to our previous announcement, we're pleased to provide an update on the exclusive $OORT Airdrop, an integral part of our mainnet launch and token listing. This initiative is our way of expressing gratitude to early OORT supporters.

Important Next-Step

In response to the remarkable interest shown in our airdrop, with over 21,000 registrations previously received, we are streamlining the process to ensure efficiency. To this end, we kindly request that you submit your OORT mainnet address using this form by January 22 at 2 PM UTC, 2024. It's crucial to use the same email address that you initially used for airdrop registration.

Use a Valid OORT Mainnet Address

To guarantee the successful receipt of airdrop tokens for selected winners, please ensure your OORT mainnet address is valid. We recommend using the following wallets:

Eligibility and Distribution Process

This airdrop is exclusively for individuals who registered through the mainnet announcement. Our team will rigorously check for duplicate or invalid entries to maintain fairness. From the pool of eligible participants, 1,000 winners will be randomly selected to receive 150 $OORT tokens each. We plan to announce the winners on January 25th. The rewards will be distributed following the first DEX launch in our ecosystem - stay tuned, as we have some exciting developments in the works!

Closing Note

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We're excited to see the impact of this airdrop on our growing ecosystem and look forward to further developments in the OORT community. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners and upcoming milestones in our journey.

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